LT3045 Positiivne Pinge Toide Moodul 3 Tükki Paralleelselt, Madal Müra Lineaarne Toide, Toide 220VAC

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  • Tüüp: Muud

  • Author: Geranium X 32
  • Date: 2020-12-27
  • Very clean power delivery! I use the 12v and 5v units to power my SSD's and my USB PCie cards to very high Sound Quality.. The small compact size makes their use very convenient. I line them up at the side of my 10700k Z490 Music Server and feed 5v and 12v power to my SSD's and audiophile grade USB PCie card for a great Sound Quality improvement. I find it is better to keep the polarity of the 2 pin power input the same all the way to the DC power output! There are areas that can be improved. For a 1.5amp DC current capacity, I like to heavy gauge wire and the 2 pole DC power out clamp is not so strongly fitted to the PCB.. Same with the C8 2 pole AC power input socket. Both of these sockets need to be reinforced to have a much better reliable unit. The labelling of 5v abd 12 v output not stated !! The 12v output unit has all BLUE Power status LEDs while the 5v unit has red AND BLUE LED's. I had to label these myself. Highly recommended LT3045 power as it comes with matching transforme
  • 5/5